We would like to offer you our kind welcome to Argentina and to the city of Buenos Aires, which is a real museum in a permanent process evolution.
We prefer to introduce ourselves as university teachers in public monuments more than tourist guides. We would like to invite you to discover the best of the architecture, sculpture and painting of Buenos Aires.
As the time of your visit is limited, we have selected a number of buildings and monuments which are representative of each artistic period of the city. It would make us extremely happy if we could plant in your hearts the seed of artistic curiosity which might grow and bloom in a future visit to our city.

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1) Argentine Architecture and Scultpure

2) Figueroa Alcorta Ave. I

3) Figueroa Alcorta Ave. II

4) Tres de Febrero Park

5) Del Libertador Ave. I

6) Del Libertador Ave. II

7) Recoleta

8) The Recoleta Cemetery

9) Alvear Ave.

10) Plazoleta Carlos Pellegrini

11) Arroyo St.

12) San Martin Square

13) Leandro N. Alem Ave.

14) Plaza de Mayo

15) Avenida de Mayo

16) Plaza Congreso

17) La Boca

18) San Telmo

19) Puerto Madero Neighborhood

20) Costanera Sur

21) Argentine Painting Periods

22) Buenos Aires Museums

23) Art Galleries

24) Tango

25) Las Estancias Argentinas

26) Iguazu and The Missions